Material and Care

Here at Mienlabel, we carry a range of collections that use different materials.

Stainless Steel | Gold Filled & Rose Gold Filled | Sterling Silver

FAQs – stainless steel jewellery

Will it fade/tarnish?

A: For Gold/Rose Gold plated jewellery, it made fade over a long time due to wear and tear. (A matter of fact, only real gold does not tarnish/fade!)
With proper jewellery care, the plating can last a long time.

How long can the plating last?

A: The longevity of the plating varies from individual due to our body oils, acidity of our perspiration and care of jewellery.
We have customers feedback that their jewellery still shine after 2 years!
Based on our own individual wear, the plated jewellery generally can last a year with proper care.

Do you offer re-plating service?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer re-plating service.

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