Engraving Options

Personalising Your Jewellery

We understand how meaningful a bespoke personalised jewellery means to you.

Here at MIENLABEL, we offer you the best of both worlds
Diamond Engraving and Hand Stamping,
to create your very own keepsake and gifts.

Diamond Engraving

Wide range of fonts, symbols and illustration to choose from

Diamond engraving involves customising your piece with a traditional rotary engraving machine.

This results in a clean, precise and shiny finishing.

As the process is computerised, we are able to offer you a wider range of fonts,
symbols and illustrations choices to personalise your piece.

All machine engraved pieces are available in clear finishing only.

Each design may have limited customisation options,
you can refer to the product page for the specific options available.

Diamond Engraving Fonts and Symbols






Hand Stamping

Experience one-of-a-kind artisanal hand made jewellery

Hand-stamping is a traditional smithing technique that offers an artisanal, one-of-a-kind look.
Each character is individually hammered onto the piece—by hand, using special metal punches.

The kernings and impression depths of each character may not be perfectly uniform,
this gives hand stamped keepsake piece its organic look and charm.
No two pieces will look exactly the same.

Hand stamped pieces are available in clear and darken finishing.
Do note that the ink on darken finish is semi-permanent and may fade off over time.

Due to the impact of hammering, slight burred mark may be visible on the underside,
hence we do not recommend engraving on both sides for hand stamped pieces.
This is not to be considered as defect.

Hand Stamp Fonts and Symbols




Punctuation & Symbols

! : ; . ' # @ & ( ) ♡ ∞