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Neveah Signet Ring (Rose Gold)


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Specially designed to make this your everyday wear signet ring. 

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  Stainless Steel , IP Rose Gold / Gold 
  Ring comes in US Size 5 / 6 / 7 
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Our rings are measured in US RING SIZE.

if you do not know your ring size, you can easily find it out using the following method.
Use a piece of string and wrap around your finger.
Mark the point where the string meets, and measure the length using a regular ruler.

Colour: Rose Gold
This product is also available in Silver.

Each design has different character limit due to the different dimension and engraving space. Please ensure your engraving text is kept within the given character limit as stated below.

Character Limit 
Block / Script / Cursive - 6
Space and Symbol
Space and symbol are counted as 1 character.
To insert a symbol, add the symbol name between {}
i.e. always ∞ --> always {inifnity}
*MAXIMUM 2 ROW, 6 character each row.
Things To Note
- Laser Engraving is available in clear (non darken) finishing only.

For more customisation samples, please refer here.