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How can we contact you?

We can be reached via email :

Where are you located?

We are from sunny island Singapore. :) 

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to most of the countries around the world. Refer here for more information.

How long does it take to receive my order?

It takes 3 to 5 working days for us to process your customised order. This excludes delivery time.
Local delivery takes 1-3 working days.
International shipping takes 5-15 working days, depending on the delivery provider chosen.

I need the item urgently, can my order be expedite?

To expedite an order, please contact us at to check if we are able to accede to your request.

Do you have a physical store?

We do not have a physical retail storefront, as we work from our home studio. If you love to see and try on our designs, you may visit one of our stockists.

Can I cancel an order? 
Once an online order is received, we will proceed it to our studio to customise it. We regret that any order being processed cannot be cancelled. 

I ordered a wrong size for my item, can i do an exchange? 

We understand that sometimes it might get a little tricky getting the sizes right, especially if it's for a gift. We offer a free 1-time resizing. Read more about it under our exchange policy here.  


What is the material used for the jewellery?

Most of our jewellery are made of stainless steel, Ion Plated (IP) rose gold/gold, unless otherwise stated. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Some of our designs may also include charms made of brass, 925 sterling silver and/or genuine leather cord.
The materials used for each design will be indicated on each product page.

Can I wear the jewellery to shower?

We will not advise to do so. Chemicals may cause the plating to fade easily.
If you wish to wear your jewellery on 24/7, we will recommend you to opt for Silver Stainless Steel since they do not have any plating on it. 

Will the jewellery tarnish?

We use Ion Plating (IP) for our jewellery which are more durable as compared to normal electroplating. However, plating will eventually fade/tarnish over time due to wear and tear. How long the plating lasts vary and depend on individual's use and care. Proper jewellery care is encouraged to ensure they last a longer time. If you are looking for something that will not tarnish, we recommend you to consider the Silver Stainless Steel, as they are not plated on their surface.


Can I customise text on the jewellery?

Of course! Most of the designs can be customised. You can refer to 'Customisation' tab to check if the design is available for customisation.

How do I request for customisation?

We have made the process easy for you.
Once you have chosen your design, proceed to select the customisation options and insert your engraving text.
TIPS: we highly recommend you refer to the "Customisation" tab to find out more about the customisation options and character limits.

What method of engraving is used?

We now offer both Laser Engraving and Hand Stamping options.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving provides precise engraving finishing. This is highly popular and widely used in retail boutiques by renowned brands. If you are a perfectionist, please opt for Laser Engraving.

Hand Stamping

Hand stamping is an artisanal technique for engraving. Each character is carefully hammered onto the jewellery by hand, making it even more special because there will be no two pieces that will look exactly the same. The depths and kernings of the text may not be perfectly aligned, adding to the organic look and charm of the jewellery. This is well appreciated by customers who values uniqueness and looking for something that feels more personal. 

Am I able to preview my customisation?

Unfortunately we are unable to support this feature right now. However, you can have a look at our instagram/facebook page to view more completed pieces that we have done for our customers. This is give you a gist and idea how the design usually look.

For more information about customisation, you can refer here too.