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About Us

Mien Label designs beautiful jewellery pieces that are timeless and sentimental to each wearer.

Our jewellery are handcrafted and personalised to create treasured bespoke gifts.


We use quality materials, findings and charms to complement and create jewellery that are loved by many.

We believe that jewellery is more than just an accessory. 

A motivational message engraved serves as a timely reminder to us ;

A personalised piece immortalise special moment that carry true meaning and story behind it, making it unique and personal for its wearer.

Each jewellery piece is assembled and hand-stamp in our studio.

Founded in 2014 (previously named as ModernMinimalist.Co; MM.CO),

we started our business with the visioto create awareness for empowerment, positivity, hope and self love.

Our jewellery serves as a reminder to each wearer to be confident, positive and be empowered by their strength from within.

In June 2017, we have re-branded to MienLabel.Co.

/miːn/ ˈleɪb(ə)l/

We continue to stay passionate and dedicated to what we believe.

MienLabel.Co is an expression of our personality through jewellery and accessories.

We are inspired to create more beautiful jewellery and accessories telling your story

that express love and spread positivity to our jewellery wearers.

We hope you love wearing our jewellery as much as we love creating them.